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Aufbauend auf der durch den ERC-Starting-Grant “Dynamic MinVIP” geförderten Grundlagenforschung verfolgt das PoC-Project IIP das Ziel, die Platzierung von Gelenken individuell bei Patienten anzupassen, um Folgeoperationen, Fehlstellungen oder reduzierte Mobilität nach einer Operation zu vermeiden.

Category: Proof-Of-Concept (ERC)

Motion Capture is the process of analyzing movements of objects or humans from video data.

OpenScout stands for "Skill based scouting of open user-generated and community-improved content for management education and training". OpenScout has been co-funded by the European Commission within the eContentplus Programme as a Targeted Project in the area of Educational Content (Grant ECP 2008 EDU 428016). OpenScout has been a three year project, running from September 2009 until August 2012. OpenScout's activities are now continued the Special Interest Group (SIG) Open Content for Business and Management.

Information retrieval (IR) has been extremely successful during the last 20 years in providing an easy access to information available on the Web. Over time, the growing volumes of digital content in the Web have been observed, which demonstrate both its explosive evolution as well as its unprecedented temporal dynamics. The evolution of the Web has a great impact on search. Thus, there is a need for new models and algorithms for understanding temporal developments on the Web and insights into its content and structure changes in order to keep relevant information accessible and meaningful over time.

Category: IAI Internal Project
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Category: Intelligent Access to Information