L3S-Forscher helfen mit ihren Kenntnissen und Erfahrungen bei der Entwicklung von Start-ups.

Development of an intelligent cruise counselling tool

Entwicklung eines intelligenten Kreuzfahrt-Beratungstools

This project focusses on developing new applications of machine learning for the digital cruise advisor Cruisewatch.
PQmail: Quantum computer-resistant cryptography

PQmail: Quantencomputer-resistente Kryptographie

With the help of L3S, the developers of Tutanota want to integrate quantum-safe encryption into their e-mail client of the same name in an exemplary way, so that confidential communication cannot be read by third parties.
Reduction of returns


One of the biggest cost drivers in fashion eCommerce is return shipments. Dresslife aims to reduce these returns with the help of AI technology.
Automatic damage detection

Automatische Schadenserkennung

This cooperation between claimbird and L3S aims to meet the requirements for automated damage detection. For this purpose, a data set is built up and trained for a deep learning system, which can support the insurance companies in analyzing and evaluating claims.