With the current issue of the L3S magazine Binaire, the L3S pays tribute to its numerous partners in projects and networks by presenting examples of some long-standing and close partnerships, including TIB, Volkswagen, and Infineon.

More than ever, cooperation and networking are prerequisites for successful research and innovation projects. In addition to international and interdisciplinary cooperation in science, the idea of knowledge transfer to business and society plays an increasingly important role. Therefore, besides universities and research institutions, companies have increasingly become partners – from start-ups to medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. But public authorities, associations, and social organisations are also closely linked to the L3S. Through their involvement in research and development, necessary innovations for the digital transformation of the economy and society come into being.

You can find current and previous issues at www.binaire.de, and individual articles in English in our L3S blog.

You can order the printed issues by emailing PR@L3S.de.