L3S supports you with business and technical  advice on your start-up idea.

The L3S has placed a special focus on accompanying and supporting innovative start-ups. This includes technical and business advice, mentoring, use of infrastructure, involvement in projects and events.

Our Services for People with Ideas

You have an innovative business idea in the field of AI and digital transformation?
Great! L3S will give you advice and support on starting a business. 

Discussion of your business idea

In a first meeting you present your idea and we give you feedback and talk about further steps.

Advice on funding programmes

If applicable, we will give advice on funding programmes like EXIST and support with writing a proposal.

Advice on starting in Germany

For those of you who are non-EU citizens, we will give general advice on starting a business in Germany.


We connect you with other partners from the Entrepreneurship Network for further support.

Promising start-up projects, for example with EXIST funding, will receive further support through:

  • workspace
  • use of infrastructure
  • mentoring
  • communication measures
  • involvement in events

We also support start-ups after they have been founded, especially through joint research projects.

We look forward to accompanying you on your way to the successful implementation of your business idea!

Technical Advice

You have little or no experience in the use and development of modern AI-based solutions? Or are you already an AI expert? Regardless of the extent of your AI knowledge, we support you in the implementation of your business idea with our know-how in the areas of data science, machine learning and deep learning through, for example:

Feasibility Assessment

Analysis of the technical feasibility using current methods

Readiness Assessment

Assessment of the current state and identification of the next steps

Selection of Tools

Support in the selection of AI methods relevant to the implementation of your project


Business advice

Technical advice

Startups from L3S

Funded by EXIST-Gr√ľnderstipendium
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl

NOVO AI has developed a machine retrofit service for SMEs to predict maintenance using a low-cost AI-powered platform.

beh.digital GmbH has developed a learning camera that can automate industrial processes and quality control quickly and easily. 

Funded by EXIST-Gr√ľnderstipendium
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl

QuizCo deals with the topics of individual, digitally supported learning and the challenge of learning content creation.

Funded by EXIST-Gr√ľnderstipendium
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Wolf-Tilo Balke

TIOLI developed an app that aims to improve the lives of people suffering from food intolerances.

Funded by EXIST-Gr√ľnderstipendium
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl

Deutsch Express develops a platform to make it easier for immigrants to arrive and speed up integration.

Funded by EXIST-Gr√ľnderstipendium
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl

Tutanota is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted mail service that encrypts the entire mailbox. Launched in 2011 at L3S, Tutanota now has millions of users.