To keep pace with the latest digital developments, companies need qualified staff. L3S and its partners offer introductory courses, training, and workshops on the use of artificial intelligence for various industries and use cases. 

DAISEC offers training courses, exchange formats and qualification opportunities in the fields of AI and cyber security. The focus is on production, mobility and crafts sectors.

The “AI Service Centre for Sensitive and Critical Infrastructures” (KISSKI) investigates artificial intelligence (AI) methods and makes them available in a highly available service centre focusing on the energy and healthcare sectors. KISSKI is developing a comprehensive range of consulting and training services.

The AI trainers at the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Hannover offer short lectures, webinars and workshops on artificial intelligence and big data. There is also a comprehensive selection of short, digital learning content online.

The Leibniz AI Academy is aimed at people at different career levels, from first-year students to experienced AI practitioners. The Academy brings together expertise from different areas of industrial and academic research.

ProKI Hannover offers training courses in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in machining – online or on site. The offer is aimed at companies, but also at interested individuals who want to expand their knowledge.