KI Mittelstand
Start: 01.06.2021 End: 30.05.2024 Website: KI-Trainer The AI trainers of the Mittelstand 4.0 competence centres educate people about the topic of artificial intelligence with […]
Start: 01.07.2021 End: 31.12.2025 Website:… Towards a Framework for Assessing Explanation Quality In this project, we study the pragmatic goal of all explaining processes: […]
Start: 01.07.2021 End: 31.12.2025 Website:… Metaphor as an Explanation Tool With the help of natural language processing, the project explores how metaphors function and […]
Start: 01.11.2016 End: 31.10.2023 Website:… Immersive Digital Reality Photorealistic representation of natural scenes for immersive virtual experience of our world. Motivated by the advent […]
Start: 01.07.2022 End: 30.06.2025 Website: ATTENTION! ArTificial inTelligENce for the deTectIon of trade-based mOney lauNdering! Illicit trade is a problem of massive proportions, yet […]
Start: 01.10.2021 End: 30.09.2024 Website: FakeNarratives on Github FakeNarratives FakeNarratives explores disinformation in public and alternative news videos using methods of discourse and language analysis […]
Smint @ Hannover Logo, blue swirl and title text
Start: 28.06.2022 End: 31.12.2024 Website: SMINT@Hannover SMINT@Hannover Incubator for Smart Information Technologies SMINT@Hannover – Incubator for Smart Information Technologies accelerates the development of innovative information […]
Design of a master’s course on explainable AI for healthcare professionals and everyone interested in applying AI to the healthcare sector. Start: 01.05.2021 End: 31.10.2024 […]
Zukunftslabor Gesellschaft und Arbeit, Future Lab Society and Work
Future Lab “Work and Society” Digital transformation and its Impact on Society and Work Start: 01.10.2019 End: 30.09.2024 Website: zukunftslabore/ gesellschaft-arbeit Zukunftslabor “Gesellschaft und […]