Start: 01.12.2021 End: 30.11.2024 Website:… QuBRA Quantum methods and Benchmarks for Resource Allocation The challenge of optimising complex industrial processes, such as microchip fabrication […]
Start: 31.12.2022 End: 30.11.2027 Website:… ixAutoML Interactive and Explainable Human-Centered AutoML – Making AutoML systems more human-centered by enabling interactivity and explainability. Trust and […]
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Satellites for Wilderness Inspection and Forest Threat Tracking Start: 01.11.2022 End: 31.10.2025 Website: SWIFTT Satellites for Wilderness Inspection and Forest Threat Tracking Forests worldwide […]
Start: 01.10.2022 End: 31.12.2024 Website: ProKI-Hannover Demonstration and Transfer Network AI in Production. ProKI is a Germany-wide demonstration and transfer network for the use […]
Start: 01.01.2023 End: 30.12.2025 Website:… Online Optimierung Online convex optimization for control of dynamical systems The project aims to advance the field of Online […]
Start: 01.01.2021 End: 30.11.2025 Website: Leibniz AI Academy Hybrid Micro-Degrees for Academic Training The goal of the project is the development and establishment of […]
Start: 01.03.2023 End: 28.02.2026 Website: GreenAutoML4FAS Design of a holisticm, carbon-efficient system for drive assistance systems. Nowadays, AI applications can be found in many […]
Start: 01.10.2022 End: 30.09.2025 Website: GLACIATION Reducing energy consumption in data operations Big data analytics collects, examines and analyses large amounts of data. To […]