From an organizational sociology point of view, it makes sense to make the further development of IT systems a participatory process. The image created by […]
Image from the video “Digital world of work: Focus on people”,. Issue: 03/2023 Gesellschaft und Medien AI and Digitalisation in Lower Saxony Society and Work […]
Issue: 03/2023 Gesellschaft und Medien MediaFutures ā€“ Data-driven Innovation Hub for the Media Value Chain Combating Disinformation with Art and Data What ideas do start-ups […]
Structure of a Tagesschau report on the property tax reform discussion of 17 August 2022. Narrative patterns typically seen in films are used; for example, […]
The pilot studies were conducted on the Learnweb platform, which serves as a user interface for the students. It was developed by L3S doctoral student […]
The tool Kl as a protective shield against the misuse of Kl. Stable Diffusion XL for the prompt: “A protective shield made of binary code […]
Ā©Generated by Mijourney Issue: 02/2023 Generative AI AI Language Models in Medicine Ask your Doctor and Chatbot The healthcare system is on the verge of […]
Dall-e zum Prompt: "in classroom, ten years old male and female students, anime style"
Ā©Generated by Dall-e Issue: 02/2023 Generative AI AI in Digital School Education Feedback from the Language Model ChatGPT is currently demonstrating impressively what is possible […]
Ā©generiert mit Midjourney KI, Prompt: “friendly chatbot” Issue: 02/2023 Generative KĆ¼nstliche Intelligenz ChatGPT in customer service Risky Communication At first they were not much help, […]
Ā©Sergey Nivens – Issue: 02/2023 Artificial Generative Intelligence Generative AI for scientific knowledge Research comparisons with ChatGPT So now the era of generative AI […]