Foto: QuizCo

Corona: Starting a business in times of pandemic

QuizCo is a start-up at the L3S. The three founders receive an EXIST-Gründerstipendium from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. QuizCo deals with the topics of individual, digitally supported learning and the challenge of creating learning content. Actually, exactly the right topics in times like these. Here, the founders report on how they deal with the Corona crisis:

Shortly before the outbreak of the crisis we celebrated the go-live of our newly developed learning environment “knowlab. So far, we have been pleased about the great interest shown by various customers and partners, but the current economic situation has put us and our interested parties off. Fortunately, in many places the situation was handled very professionally and various areas of life experienced a kind of digital transformation. This also applies to learning, where free learning platforms are often used at the present time. The challenge now, however, is to provide qualified learning content. In the case of digital teaching, it is not enough to provide any PDF file and expect that all learners will be able to read it and then make significant learning progress. It is rather a matter of creating motivating learning content. To this end, we have decided to open up our technology and make it available for automated content creation on demand. It is now possible to analyze documents with the help of artificial intelligence and to generate learning and query content from them fully automatically. Different content can be generated from a single document. These include: summaries, index cards, cloze texts, quizzes or multiple choice tasks . Furthermore, thanks to a well-prepared database, various multimedia content, such as images, can be added automatically and contextually to individual task types.

In addition to the three founders Wiebke, Max and Jacob, we currently employ three other employees. We are happy to be a partner for theses in the field of artificial intelligence and are looking forward to your interest in cooperations and further projects.