The first World Z-Inspection Conference took place at the Ateneo Veneto Science Centre in Venice on 10 and 11 March. The focus was on these questions: How can we develop trustworthy AI applications and bring them into use? And what does a holistic assessment process look like for assessing the trustworthiness of an AI system used in medicine, industry or the public sector?

Around 50 experts from science, industry and administration exchanged views on the state of research, methodological approaches, ethical aspects, and use cases, including the initiator Prof. Roberto Zicari. Prof. Elisabeth Hildt, currently a visiting professor at the Leibniz AI Lab, and Dr Johannes Winter, also a member of the supervisory board of the Z-Inspection initiative, represented the L3S.

In the panel conference, Elisabeth Hildt emphasised the great responsibility of researchers, developers, and political decision-makers to design, develop and use AI technologies in such a way that they are beneficial to individuals and society. The guiding criteria are human autonomy, transparency, fairness and the non-discrimination of certain groups.

About Z-inspection

Z-inspection is a general inspection process for ethical AI which can be applied to a variety of domains such as business, healthcare, public sector, among many others. Z-inspection® is the first process to assess Trustworthy AI in practice.