Individual therapies, medicines tailored to the individual patient and more precise diagnoses – this is what personalised medicine is supposed to achieve. And thus come closer to a tailor-made treatment for each individual patient. This is made possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

Binaire is about intelligent solutions to improve the individual diagnosis and therapy of some serious diseases. These are, for example, use cases that scientists from the L3S and Hannover Medical School are developing together with outstanding guest scientists in the Leibniz AI Laboratory, one of the international future labs funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In addition to technical feasibility, the focus is also on compliance with ethical and legal principles as well as the traceability of AI decisions. The goal is a trustworthy AI-supported personalised medicine that also finds the necessary acceptance of patients.

The Binaire magazine is in German. You can find the translated articles in our English-language blog.