New visiting professors at the Leibniz AI Lab

An essential part of the Leibniz AI Lab is the opportunity to work with outstanding scientists from all over the world. Since the beginning of the Future Lab, several visiting professors have already been guests in Hannover and have contributed their part to the research and given new impulses. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Hildt and Prof. Dr. Grigoris Antoniou have been part of the Leibniz AI Lab since January and will be researching in Hannover over the next few months.

Elisabeth Hildt joins from the Illinois Institute of Technology and is interested in philosophical and ethical aspects of science and technology. Her research focuses on bioethics, ethics and technology, neurophilosophy, neuroethics and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence.

Grigoris Antoniou is a professor at the University of Huddersfield. There, he has worked on AI methods for the medical field, particularly mental illness, working closely with the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Auf dem Blog des Leibniz AI Labs finden Sie Interviews mit beiden Gastprofessoren über Ihre Forschung, das Leibniz AI Lab und das Leben in Deutschland.