MediaFutures: From augmented reality dinosaurs to deep-fake CCTV

The innovation hub MediaFutures brings together start-ups, SMEs and artists to solve challenges in the media industry. Now the initiative is funding 24 additional new projects with financial resources, mentoring and training to develop innovative ideas to combat misinformation using data.
In the process, five projects will take part in the residency program for artists and receive up to 30,000 euros, while nine startups and ten collaborative projects between start-ups and artists will receive 5,000 euros and one month to develop their idea. They then have the opportunity to win one of seven places in a pitch competition in the next phase of the program, with prize money of up to 80,000 euros.

Among the many project ideas are the project Synthetic Identity Speculations, which explores the individual synergy of social network algorithms and their impact on body image, and Doppelgänger, which addresses issues of mass surveillance and, in the age of deep fakes, the neutrality and trustworthiness of images taken by a machine.

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