Start: 01.09.2021 End: 31.08.2024 Website: SEARCH SEARCH creates an intelligent digital learning space for problem- and use-oriented search of digital learning content. – Funding […]
Start: 01.04.2021 End: 31.03.2024 Website:… SoMeCliCS Social Media and Climate Change: Usage, Literacies and Interventions from the Perspective of Science Education In SoMeCliCS we […]
Start: 01.07.2022 End: 30.06.2025 Website: ATTENTION! ArTificial inTelligENce for the deTectIon of trade-based mOney lauNdering! Illicit trade is a problem of massive proportions, yet […]
Start: 01.08.2020 End: 30.04.2023 Website: MM4SPA Multimodal Analysis for Sports Analytics The MM4SPA project represents a major step forward in the field of sports […]
IREM Interpretability of Retrieval Models Start: 01.04.2021 End: 31.04.2024 Website: – IREM Interpretability of Retrieval Models The objective of the proposal is to understand and […]
SIS Pharmacy The Specialised Information Services for Pharmacy (SIS Pharmacy) aims at sustainable improvements of access to literature and of the information infrastructure for pharmacy. […]