Start: 2018 End: – Website: Open Research Knowledge Graph Lighthouse in the Publication Flood Science is facing a challenge: With the increasing number of […]
Start: 01.07.2021 End: 31.12.2025 Website:… Metaphor as an Explanation Tool With the help of natural language processing, the project explores how metaphors function and […]
Start: 01.09.2022 End: 31.01.2027 Website: NFDI4 Data Science The vision of NFDI4DataScience (NFDI4DS) is to support all steps of the complex and interdisciplinary research […]
Semantic data and AI analysis tools for the management of economic crises from the perspective of business, administration, politics, and research Start: 01.06.2021 End: 31.05.2024 […]
A platform for real-time multi-attribute space capture and multi-dimensional object positioning. Start: 01.01.2022 End: 31.12.2024 Website: – 5GAPS A platform for real-time multi-attribute space capture […]