Since the publication of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, real hype has broken out around generative AI – despite many critical voices. However, many […]
漏Generated by Mijourney Issue: 02/2023 Generative AI AI Language Models in Medicine Ask your Doctor and Chatbot The healthcare system is on the verge of […]
Dall-e zum Prompt: "in classroom, ten years old male and female students, anime style"
漏Generated by Dall-e Issue: 02/2023 Generative AI AI in Digital School Education Feedback from the Language Model ChatGPT is currently demonstrating impressively what is possible […]
漏generiert mit Midjourney KI, Prompt: “friendly chatbot” Issue: 02/2023 Generative K眉nstliche Intelligenz ChatGPT in customer service Risky Communication At first they were not much help, […]
漏Sergey Nivens – Issue: 02/2023 Artificial Generative Intelligence Generative AI for scientific knowledge Research comparisons with ChatGPT So now the era of generative AI […]
漏generated by NightCaf茅 AI Issue: 02/2023 Generative AI Generative AI Strengthen research, maintain digital sovereignty Ever since the launch of ChatGPT last year, large, pre-trained […]
Illustration: Created with Dall-e according to the prompts ChatGPT had written as a result of the dialogs with the Binaire designer: “Title: ‘The Creative Fusion’. […]