Start: 01.10.2022 End: 01.04.2024 Website: – AkEvAp Automated camera-based ergonomic evaluation of workplaces Incorrect lifting and carrying of loads, e.g. at order picking workstations, can […]
Start: 01.04.2021 End: 31.03.2024 Website:… SoMeCliCS Social Media and Climate Change: Usage, Literacies and Interventions from the Perspective of Science Education In SoMeCliCS we […]
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Start: 01.01.2020 End: 30.09.2023 Website: IIP-Ecosphere Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production Design the intelligent production of tomorrow with us! Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]
Start: 01.08.2020 End: 31.07.2023 Website:… COVMAP2 Continuation of Comprehensive Conjoint GPS, Sensor and Video Data Analysis for Next Generation of Smart Maps In recent […]
Start: 01.08.2020 End: 30.04.2023 Website: Multimodal Analysis for Sports Analytics Intelligent synchronisation and semantic enrichment of position and video data for the analysis of […]
Start: 01.08.2020 End: 31.07.2023 Website: LearnMINT Data-driven teaching in STEM subjects The digital transformation offers diverse opportunities for school and higher education. Although the […]
Website: Cruisewatch Development of an intelligent cruise consulting tool The project concentrates on developing new applications of machine learning for the digital cruise advisor […]
Website: Tutanota Development of a post quantum encryption for secure email communication With the help of L3S, the developers of Tutanota want to integrate […]