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Start: 01.01.2020 End: 30.09.2023 Website: IIP-Ecosphere Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production Design the intelligent production of tomorrow with us! Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]
Website: Cruisewatch Development of an intelligent cruise consulting tool The project concentrates on developing new applications of machine learning for the digital cruise advisor […]
Website: Tutanota Development of a post quantum encryption for secure email communication With the help of L3S, the developers of Tutanota want to integrate […]
Website: Dresslife Reduction of Returns One of the biggest cost drivers in fashion eCommerce is return shipments – and processing costs due to a […]
Website: ClaimBuddy Development of an intelligent claims settlement The cooperation between claimbird and the TNT aims to meet the requirements for automated damage detection. […]
Immersive sound environments and their potential for music experience and cultural participation. Start: 01.11.2019 End: 31.10.2022 Website: Wagner 3.0 Immersive sound environments and their […]
Start: 01.01.2020 End: 31.12.2022 Website: TRUSTS Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space In recent years, the data market has been flourishing. A sharp downfall in […]
SocialCars Improving future urban road traffic through cooperative approaches Start: 01.10.2018 End: 30.03.2023 Website: – SocialCars Improving future urban road traffic through cooperative approaches The […]
Start: 01.01.2020 End: 30.12.2022 Website: smashHit Ensure traceability, trust, security, and privacy in data economy. The objective of smashHit is to ensure the trusted […]
MACHINA project aims to enhance Vocational Education and Training for ICT professionals in the field of Machine learning. Start: 01.09.2020 End: 30.12.2022 Website: MACHINA […]