New ”ORKG Ask” service launched

ORKG Ask – a scientific search and exploration system – provides answers from 80 million scientific publications. The service helps researchers find the scientific papers they are really looking for.

ORKG Ask is launched on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG), a project driven by the Joint Lab of L3S and TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology. The new service utilises the potential of combining large language models with the comprehensive ORKG knowledge graph to answer scientific questions directly and efficiently. Driven by a semantic search system, knowledge is automatically extracted from language models to provide active support in answering scientific questions.

How ORKG Ask works

Researchers can enter their question in natural language at and receive answers compiled from relevant scientific articles. Thanks to an in-built bibliography manager, ORKG Ask can be easily integrated into the work process. The connection to knowledge graphs, specifically also to the ORKG, allows a more detailed search.

ORKG Ask uses a database of 80 million full-text scientific publications to provide researchers, academics and the interested public with syntheses and information on research questions.

A new era of scientific research

ORKG Ask marks the beginning of a new era in scientific research. By integrating advanced language models with ORKG’s structured and continuously expanding knowledge graph, this service enables fast and informed answers to research questions across diverse scientific disciplines. This represents a significant advance that fundamentally changes the way academic information is retrieved and analysed.

Functions and advantages of ORKG Ask at a glance

● Access to 80 million publications: Users can draw from a comprehensive database of scientific papers.

● Fast answers: By using large language models, ORKG Ask provides fast and accurate answers to complex scientific questions

● In-depth insights: The ORKG Knowledge Graph organises and structures information so that users can identify deep insights and connections.

● Interdisciplinary research: ORKG Ask promotes interdisciplinary research and supports scientists in working beyond the boundaries of their own specialisms.

“With ORKG Ask, we are setting a new standard for accessing and analysing scientific information. This tool will not only enrich the research landscape, but also contribute to expanding the boundaries of what is possible in science,” said L3S member Prof Dr Sören Auer, Director of the TIB and head of the ORKG team, on the launch of the service.

The development of ORKG is a collaboration of TIB and L3S with various organisations and initiatives such as the EULiST European Universities Linking Society and Technology alliance, the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), the European Research Council (ERC), the Leibniz Association and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).