L3S takes part in Digital Data Cleaning 2023

Be honest: how many old, unnecessary documents are lying in your file storage right now? How many newsletters that you don’t actually read are filling your email inbox? Unfortunately, we tend to clutter ourselves up digitally. This is not good for the environment, increases costs and is also not advisable from a data protection point of view. Digital data cleaning is intended to improve the situation. Digital data cleaning is a joint initiative of various organisations within the framework of the CDR initiative. The campaign is intended to inspire employees to clean up their data on hard drives, network drives, in email inboxes and in the cloud and to support them in the implementation.

“Unimaginable amounts of data are stored in data centres around the world and new data is added every day. This is bad for the protection of consumer data and harms the environment. Digital data cleaning is therefore the order of the day. I hope that as many people and organisations as possible will take part in the “Digital Data Cleaning” campaign of the CDR Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection,” says Steffi Lemke, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection and patron of the “Digital Data Cleaning” campaign.

The campaign runs from 11.09. to 22.09.2023 and is also intended to create awareness among participants to adopt data-saving behaviour practices in the long term. The L3S research centre is one of a total of 49 organisations participating in the campaign.

Further information is available here: https://cdr-initiative.de/news/digitaler-datenputz-23