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As digitization progresses, there is also an unmistakable change in education. Intelligent systems enable target-specific teaching and personalized learning.


Maschinelles Lernen Fähigkeiten für IKT-Fachleute      

 MACHINA project aims to enhance Vocational Education and Training for ICT professionals in the field of Machine learning.




 A mapping of the origin and success of cooperation relationships in regional research networks and innovation clusters




The interdisciplinary project SALIENT researches methods to detect learning intents and aims at improving retrieval performance accordingly during multimodal (learning-related) Web search






Knowledge Graph based Representation, Augmentation and Exploration of Scholarly Communication







The H2020 project SlideWiki offers a platform that allows the collaborative creation, expansion, actualisation, modification and discovery of slide decks as Open Educational Resources (OER)



SoBigData: Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem

This increasing wealth of data is a chance to disentangle social complexity and face the challenges of our world




Richard Wagner 3.0: Bayreuth für alle

Immersive sound environments and their potential for music experience and cultural participation