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Through research, development and consulting, the L3S, together with its partners, contributes to the digital transformation - especially in the fields of mobility, health, production and education. The insights gained will thus lead at the earliest possible stage to options for action that will enable politics, society and the economy to shape social and technical transformations in such a way that the ethical, sociological and legal prerequisites and effects of digitization are taken into account. The L3S is open for joint research and development projects, consulting services and further cooperation with companies and institutions. The L3S Digital Innovation Hub offers comprehensive services for the initiation and implementation of innovation processes.

Innovation: solutions for the digital society

Intelligente ProduktionNetworked intelligent technologies can radically reorganize production and service processes.

Intelligente Mobilit├ĄtMobility can be optimized through the digital networking of people, infrastructure and carriers.

Personalisierte MedizinDigialized research and therapy can better provide personalized treatment.

Digitale BildungIntelligent systems enable target-specific teaching and personalized learning.