Ausgabe 01/2023

Spotlight - Sophie will's wissen!

Fünf Fragen an vier Doktoranden: Jonas Wallat

Jonas, what are you working on at the moment?

My main research interests are interpretability, model analysis and NLP. In the Leibniz AI Lab, I am currently applying transformer language models to genetic sequences. In this work, I am trying to improve the model’s understanding of functional and structural gene properties by incorporating domain knowledge into the training process.

Was findest du an deiner Arbeit besonders spannend?

The best thing about working in the Leibniz AI Lab is the international team and the opportunity to apply our research to real-world problems.

What motivated you to do a doctorate?

My main motivation for doing a PhD was that I could delve into a topic, become an expert in that field and gain new insights.

Was machst du gerne in deiner Freizeit?

I like to cycle around the city, do sports and play the piano.

Was ist dein Lieblingsort in Hannover?

Welfengarten and Georgengarten – the parks around the university.

Die Fragen stellte Sophie Boneß.

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Profile picture Jonas Wallat

Jonas Wallat

Jonas Wallat is a PhD student in the Leibniz AI Lab.

Portrait Sophie Boneß

Sophie Boneß

Sophie Boneß ist Mitarbeiterin im Bereich Kommunikation. Sie ist unter anderem für das Leibniz AI Lab zuständig.