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Today, the first event of the new AI network KI.WI takes place at Lange Laube 6. This event is about one of the most fascinating applications of AI: language models and chatbots. Prof. Henning Wachsmuth will give an overview of the current state of research and DAISEC expert Julian Laue will give a presentation on the topic.

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16:00: Welcome and presentation of the project KI.WI – the new AI network of the economic region Hannover
Dr. Jöran Wrana, Hannover Region Economic Development Corporation

16:05: Short round of introductions

16:30: Latest Research AI Language Models
Prof. Dr. Henning Wachsmuth, L3S Research Center

16:45: Create company-specific chatbots in 5 minutes
Julian Laue, European Digital Innovation Hub for AI and Cybersecurity (DAISEC)

17:00: Networking

Julian Laue
has been an expert for Large Language Models at DAISEC for almost two years and advises companies on the application potential of AI-based image and text generators.

Prof. Dr. Henning Wachsmuth:
heads the Natural Language Processing department at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Leibniz Universität Hannover. His research interests include computational argumentation, generation of subjective language, mitigation of social bias and media bias and construction of human-like explanations for educational NLP and explainable AI.

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