L3S team came together for the first Town Hall Meeting in 2024 to get to know new colleagues and projects. Best Paper Awards were presented.
Robot Learning Lab The L3S’s Robot Learning Lab works on foundational research to develop increasingly autonomous assistive systems. We seek to develop increasingly intelligent robotic […]
Start: 01.01.2022 End: 31.12.2025 Website: – PlanOS Planar polymer optical sensor networks for 2D strain measurement. This project investigates the realization of large-area planar-optical sensor […]
Start: 31.12.2022 End: 30.11.2027 Website: ai.uni-hannover.de/… ixAutoML Interactive and Explainable Human-Centered AutoML – Making AutoML systems more human-centered by enabling interactivity and explainability. Trust and […]
Start: 01.12.2022 End: 30.11.2025 Website: gepris.dfg.de/gepris/… Reflect AI Reflection-driven Artificial Intelligence in Art History – Explainable Hybrid Models for Image Search and Analysis The project […]
Start: 01.01.2023 End: 30.12.2025 Website: gepris.dfg.de/gepris/… Online Optimierung Online convex optimization for control of dynamical systems The project aims to advance the field of Online […]
Start: 01.09.2022 End: 31.01.2027 Website: www.nfdi4datascience.de NFDI4 Data Science The vision of NFDI4DataScience (NFDI4DS) is to support all steps of the complex and interdisciplinary research […]
Start: 01.01.2023 End: 31.12.2025 Website: https://www.iri.uni-hannover.de FoDaHemm Research freedom vs. data protection: how can barriers be removed? FODAHEMM is an interdisciplinary research project that aims […]
SIS Pharmacy The Specialised Information Services for Pharmacy (SIS Pharmacy) aims at sustainable improvements of access to literature and of the information infrastructure for pharmacy. […]
A platform for real-time multi-attribute space capture and multi-dimensional object positioning. Start: 01.01.2022 End: 31.12.2024 Website: – 5GAPS A platform for real-time multi-attribute space capture […]