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OER with Ukraine_Informatics

Open Educational Resources with Ukraine_Infomatics

The project aims to expand the digital teaching offers of the Ukrainian partner universities of Leibniz Universität Hannover in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv so that teaching can be maintained. For this purpose, teaching and learning videos from various fields of computer science are produced and published under Creative Commons (CC-BY) licences and integrated into the ongoing teaching activities of the partner universities. The videos are translated or subtitled, their content adapted and prepared as Open Educational Resources in accordance with the UNESCO definition. In this way, the project contributes to the internationalisation, digitisation and openness of the actors involved and provides a perspective for the teachers and students who have fled and stayed in Ukraine.

The videos are published on the TIB AV-Portal, a web-based platform for sharing academic videos, in a dedicated channel. The videos on the portal, which are licensed under CC-BY, are given a digital object identifier (DOI), stored in a sustainable manner, provided with standardised metadata and enriched with semantic data from the video analysis for the purpose of optimised research.

The metadata of the videos flow via open interfaces into the cross-institutional OER search index OERSI , which is integrated into various OER portals (e.g. twillo.de; ORCA.de). The OERSI interface was translated into Ukrainian and also enables cross-lingual searches in different languages, e.g. Ukrainian. Thus, the project results (digital teaching offers) are integrated into existing structures and remain sustainably visible, findable and reusable for all students and teachers from Ukraine as well as worldwide.

In addition, a series of webinars on the development of digital competences (technical and legal) for the creation of teaching/learning videos or Open Educational Resources (OER) will be held. In addition, a self-learning module is available in English and Ukrainian to enable the participating partners to develop and produce OER according to UNESCO standards > Creating Open Audiovisual Media – A Look Up Guide

Through these measures, the project is scalable and creates the necessary foundations and tools for the further digitisation and reconstruction of Ukrainian higher education institutions. Furthermore, it enables the exchange and integration of teaching offers into the existing structures of the European Higher Education and Research Area.


Margret Plank

Project Coordinator

Nataliya Butych

Project Coordinator