Reducing energy consumption in data operations

Big data analytics collects, examines and analyses large amounts of data. To extract insights from this data, it must flow seamlessly between edges and clouds across a broad range of work locations and environments. This process consumes a lot of energy. As a result, national grids generate considerable carbon emissions. The EU-funded GLACIATION (Green responsibLe privACy preservIng dAta operaTIONs) project aims to develop a novel distributed knowledge graph that stretches across the edge-core-cloud architecture. Knowledge graphs are a flexible means to represent interlinked information about almost anything. GLACIATION will optimise the location where analytics are performed to significantly reduce power consumption. Its metadata framework will deliver tools that ensure privacy and trust in data operations.

Funding program

EU Grant: 
Grant agreement ID101070141

HORIZON.2.4 – Digital, Industry and Space (Main Programm), HORIZON.2.4.7 – Advanced Computing and Big Data


Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

Project Coordinator