Prof. Dr. Tobias J. Osborne


Prof. Dr. Tobias J. Osborne


Tobias Osborne is professor of Theoretical Physics at the  Institute of Theoretical Physics at the Leibniz University Hannover

Research Focus

Discovery of quantum algorithms for the quantum information era.


For a list of Tobias J. Osborne’s publications, please  follow this link.

Curriculum Vitae

Professor → Leibniz Universität Hannover, since 2010

Reader → Royal Holloway University of London, 2009–2010

Lecturer → Royal Holloway University of London, 2005–2009

PhD → The University of Queensland, 1999–2002

Tobias Osborne has a twenty year track record in quantum algorithm design as co-discoverer of the Quantum Metropolis Sampling algorithm. He also has extensive experience in variational methods and their experimental implementation as co-author of one of the first analog variational quantum simulation algorithms. He is also an early innovator in Quantum Machine Learning.

He has considerable experience in the industrial exploitation of quantum computers with a variety of corporate partners.

Current projects at L3S



A diverse consortium aiming to unlock the potential of quantum computing for solving complex combinatorial optimisation problems in high-stakes industries such as microchip manufacturing and automotive engineering.