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Issue: 03/2018

SlideWiki – Create and share presentations online

For a presentation or teaching material just copy a picture from the internet or use texts? Better not: The contents are usually protected by copyright and cannot be used just like that. The EU-funded  SlideWiki project offers an online platform that combines the knowledge, creativity and productivity of its users to create freely available, high-quality educational content. 17 partners from Europe and Brazil are involved.

Although there are more and more Open Educational Resources (OER) on the net, i.e. free learning and teaching materials with an open license, SlideWiki goes one step further: the  content can be shared, modified, translated and reused. A further advantage: Interactive functions such as comments, evaluations and self-test questions make it easier for teachers to access new course materials.

Similar to Wikipedia for encyclopedic content, SlideWiki enables the collaborative creation of comprehensive teaching materials as OpenCourseWare (OCW). Crowdsourcing minimises the effort required to create, translate and develop structured teaching and learning materials. The aim is to semi-automatically translate the  content into more than 50 different languages, improve the quality of the translations and support the commitment and networking of teachers and learners.

SlideWiki is aimed at user groups from all areas of education. SlideWiki is also suitable for people with disabilities thanks to the structured presentation of content. In the InclusiveOCW project, scientists are already working on adapting SlideWiki to the needs of the blind and visually impaired (see page x).

SlideWikis OpenCourseWare Competition

SlideWiki invites with an OpenCourseWare competition to create and publish high-quality multilingual learning content on a crowdsourcing basis. The five best participating teams will each receive prize money of 500 euros. Teams that create high-quality content and more than 200 slides will each receive 1,000 euros.

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Alexandra Garatzogianni

Alexandra Garatzogianni works at L3S and is project manager of SlideWiki.