Start: 01.07.2021 End: 31.12.2025 Website:… Towards a Framework for Assessing Explanation Quality In this project, we study the pragmatic goal of all explaining processes: […]
Start: 01.07.2021 End: 31.12.2025 Website:… Metaphor as an Explanation Tool With the help of natural language processing, the project explores how metaphors function and […]
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Start: 01.12.2021 End: 30.11.2024 Website:… ArgSchool Computational Support for Learning Argumentative Writing in Digital School Education In this project, we aim to study how […]
Start: 01.04.2022 End: 31.03.2024 Website:… OASiS Objective argument summary in search contexts This project aims to study how to computationally obtain an objective summary […]