SoBigData RI PPP

SoBigData Research Infrastructure Preparatory Phase Project

SoBigData Research Infrastructure (RI) is a distributed and multidisciplinary research infrastructure aimed at using social mining, big data, and artificial intelligence to understand the complexity of our contemporary, globally-interconnected society. The SoBigData RI Preparation Phase Project (PPP) is the preparatory phase of the SoBigData RI in the ESFRI RoadMap 2021. The SoBigData RI PPP will advance the RI from simple awareness of ethical and legal challenges in social mining to the development of concrete tools that operationalize ethics with value-sensitive design, incorporating values and standards for privacy protection, fairness, transparency, and pluralism. One of the main goals of the SoBigData RI PPP is to lay the foundation for the long-term sustainability of RI. The goal is to develop a sustainable strategy for integrating data and methods that enables the discovery and utilization of heterogeneous services. These objectives pose several key challenges that must be addressed within the SoBigData RI PPP. Given the multidisciplinary nature of our RI, we need to identify and develop sustainable services, meeting the demand for interdisciplinary data-driven research and innovation. Approaching these challenges is key to using social mining and big data to understand the complexity of research and archiving in our globally interconnected contemporary society from collaborative, interdisciplinary, and transnational perspectives.


EU – Horizon Europe

  • The SoBigData RI PPP consortium comprises 33 partners from 17 countries (Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the UK, and Switzerland).
  • CNR – National Research Council of Italy (project coordination)


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl


Dr. Marco Fisichella