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The L3S Research Center develops methods and technologies for digital transformation and researches the effects of digitalisation. It derives options for action, recommendations, and innovation strategies for business, politics, and society.



Intelligent systems learn, without being explicitly programmed. They can acquire new skills, handle large amounts of data, and support autonomous intelligent decision making.

Networked and autonomous systems assume increasingly complex tasks. It is essential to ensure their reliability, safety and security, through appropriate design and deployment.

Intelligent system design has to include social, ethical and legal issues. Trustworthy systems are enabled through transparent decision making, explainable algorithms, and privacy by design.

Innovation: solutions for the digital society

Intelligente ProduktionNetworked intelligent technologies can radically reorganize production and service processes.

Intelligente MobilitätMobility can be optimized through the digital networking of people, infrastructure and carriers.

Personalisierte MedizinDigialized research and therapy can better provide personalized treatment.

Digitale BildungIntelligent systems enable target-specific teaching and personalized learning.