Megha Khosla

Post-Doctoral Researcher @ L3S Research Center, Hannover.

Megha Khosla

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Current Affiliation: Leibniz University, Hannover.
L3S Research Center, Hannover
Address: L3S Research Center, Appelstra├če 9a, Hannover.
Phone: +49 0511 762 17712
Fax: +49 0511 762 17779
Email: khosla (at) l3s . de

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Research Interests

In the last years I have dabbled into various areas ranging from Theoretical Computer Science to Theoretical Physics. I have worked on design and analysis of classical and quantum algorithms, probability theory and statistical methods. I have also spent time in industry which provided me a unique perspective on real world problems as well as project management.

My main research area at L3S is in Graph Mining and Learning. I work on designing algorithms to improve learning and mining tasks on Large Graph Datasets. In terms of application areas of machine learning recently I have been looking into problems arising in Personalized Medicine as part of ongoing projects in the Institute.

A list of my research interests are as below:

  • Unsupervised representations of structured data.

  • Scalable and efficient representation learning.

  • Privacy preserving data mining.

  • Machine learning for precision medicine.

  • Quantum machine learning for graphs.

  • Brief CV

    Oct 2017-now Post-Doctoral Researcher
    L3S Research Center, Hannover.
    Sep 2014-Sep 2017 Project Manager
    Continental AG, Hannover.
    Mar 2014-May 2014 Guest Researcher
    Quantum Information Group, Hannover.
    Feb 2013-June 2013 Intern in Quantum Information theory.
    National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo.
    Jan 2010-Feb 2014 Phd Student.
    Department of Algorithms and Complexity, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbruecken.
    2008-2009 Masters Student.
    Saarland University and Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbruecken.
    2006-2008 Software Engineer.
    Compro Technologies, India.
    2002-2006 Bachelor Student.
    National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India.