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Project: OM-Bench

Tutor: Ekaterini Ioannou

Office: L3S Research Center, Appelstr. 9a, Room 1532


Next Meeting: 27.10.2008 @ 10:00, L3S Research Center

Name Email Responsibility
Ekaterini Ioannou tutor
Oleksandr Druzhynin Team Leader
Malek Joumaah Quality officer Tests
Tetiana Dyrenko Quality officer, Researcher
Irena Schindler Quality officer, Researcher
Burak Erginburakergin@yahoo.deSystem architect
Gökhan Özer Quality officer Source Code

Project Description


Event Date Description
Project start 27.10.2008 First project meeting
M1 14.11.2008 First milestone (gathering requirements, architecture)
M2 04.12.2008 Second milestone
M2.5 20.12.2008 Intermediate milestone (implementation)
Vacation 20.12.2008 - 05.01.2009 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
M3 15.01.2009 Third milestone (tests and documentation)
Project end 23.01.2009 Project release
Presentation end of January Project presentation

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 16.10.2008

  • Define Roles:
    • Team Leader: Contact person, Planning, Presentation
    • System architect: Class architecture, Libraries, Diagrams
    • Quality officer: Documentation (English), Pictures, User manual
    • Quality officer Tests: (Planning, Processing, Evaluation)
    • Quality officer Source Code: (Re-usability, Understandability, Consequence)
    • Researcher: Information investigation (Algorithms, Publications)
  • Register to gforge (
  • Register to project
  • Select group for presentation
  • Add your information to the wiki participants
  • Next meeting date

Minutes Minutes

  • We have schedule next meeting for Monday 27.10.2008, at 10:00 (L3S)
  • Made a schedule for our software project

Monday, 27.10.2008

  1. InformationLogger
    • Load configuration from properties file
    • Relational database for storing information
    • Generic method for logging information
  2. MetricsExtractor
    • later
  3. ResultViewer
  • Until next week
  1. Create the project, properties file, db
  2. Examples for Junit
  3. Examples for javadoc generation
  4. Architecture of the system
  5. gnuplot

Minutes Minutes are send with email

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