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Project: Social Web and Policies

Tutor: Sergej Zerr, Juri L. De Coi

Office: L3S Research Center, Appelstr. 9a, Room 1532


Next Meeting: 16.10.2008 @ 17:00

Name Email Responsibility

Project Description


Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 16.10.2008


  • Define Roles:
    • Team Leader: Contact person, Planning, Presentation
    • System architect: Class architecture, Libraries, Diagrams
    • Quality officer: Documentation (English), Pictures, User manual
    • Quality officer Tests: (Planning, Processing, Evaluation)
    • Quality officer Source Code: (Re-usability, Understandability, Consequence)
    • Researcher: Information investigation (Algorithms, Publications)
  • Register to gforge (
  • Register to project
  • Select group for presentation
  • Add your information to the wiki participants
  • Next meeting date

Minutes Minutes

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