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L3S Research Program Overview 2013-2017

Web Science – Investigating the Future of Information and Communication

Since, it started out as a small network with just a few hundred severs in 1993, the Web has developed into a worldwide information and communication infrastructure with a considerable influence on business, science, and society. Despite its unprecedented growth, or perhaps because of it, and because of the wealth of applications that build on this infrastructure, the challenges faced by the Web as a whole are also greater than they were 20 years ago. Many of the necessary solutions can only be developed with a combination of methods and technologies taken from various areas of IT and computer science – supported by contributions from the social sciences, business, and law.

The L3S Research Center is at the forefront of this new research field called Web Science. The goal of the research conducted at the L3S Research Center is to develop innovative methods and technologies that enable intelligent, seamless access to information via the Web, support and link together individuals and communities across all areas of the knowledge society – including academia and education – and connect the Internet to the real world and its entities.

Download PDF "WebScience @ L3S" , 850 KB, english