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Web Governance and SecurityIn the last couple of years, the web has triggered significant changes in economics, politics and culture. The research area Web Governance is concerned with data security and privacy, management and some economical aspects of the web.


ABIDA - Assessing Big Data

ABIDA explores social opportunities and risks of the generation, linking and analysis of huge amounts of data and develops options for political action, research and development.

Cyberangriffe gegen Unternehmen

Cybercrime Research focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises


iBorderCtrl is an innovative project that aims to enable faster and thorough border control for third country nationals crossing the land borders of EU Member States (MS), with technologies that adopt the future development of the Schengen Border Management


Development of an Android application to allow inexperienced end-users to explore and analyze IoT devices in their perimeter.


Discovering and combating cyber attacks on smart grids