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Development of an intelligent cruise consulting tool

Development of algorithms for the digitalization and personalization of cruise advice to the individual wishes of the customer.





Digitization of plant and animal species occurrence records for documenting the extent of biodiversity loss.

Digital Cases

 Exploring complex information and case management software in professional organizations




Digital Education and Artificial Intelligence

Modernization and internationalization of teaching and research in Ukraine




Discovering Job Knowledge from Web Data




e-Infrastructure Reflection Group Support Programme 6





Establishing and achieving sustainable targets in Eastern Chinese cities




eLabour II

Interdisciplinary Centre for IT-based Qualitative Research in Work Sociology




Project extention for a orthograhic training methode






The Specialised Information Services for Pharmacy (Pharmacy SIS) aims at sustainable improvements of access to literature and of the information infrastructure for pharmacy





Future Lab "Health“

Medical research and health care are facing a fundamental revolution due to increasing digitalization


Future Lab "Mobility"

In the future lab mobility, the L3S investigates communication-based fusion of sensor data of different vehicles to achieve a collective perception





Future Lab "Production"

Digital modelling and optimization




Future Lab "Work and Society"

Digital transformation and its Impact on Society and Work







Labor for methodical development of high-performance AI-applications for modern hardware-Architectures







Big Data for precision medicine





Intelligent fusion of radar and video sensors for demanding, highly automated driving situations






IIP-Ecosphere: Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production







Immersive Digital Reality






Inclusive, collaborative creation and usage of open courseware in the professional promotion of people with visual impairments