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Coding of Sequencing Data

Streaming for genome research


Data4UrbanMobility focuses on facilitating innovative mobility services and mobility-related infrastructure development in smart cities through comprehensive data analytics


DESIR (project no. 731081) aims to enhance the usage and awareness of DARIAH and its services and tools within the humanities research community and contributing thus to the sustainability of digital research infrastructures in the humanities

Digital Cases

 Exploring complex information and case management software in professional organizations


Discovering Job Knowledge from Web Data


Establishing and achieving sustainable targets in Eastern Chinese cities


European E-Infrastructure Services Gateway

eLabour II

Interdisciplinary Centre for IT-based Qualitative Research in Work Sociology


Project extention for a orthograhic training methode

EU-MADE4LL - European Multimodal and Digital Education for Language Learning

Digital literacy and proficiency in English for international communication are essential requirements for graduates’ access to today’s European labor market