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AFEL - Analytics for Everyday Learning

The rise of the Web had a tremendous impact on how learning and knowledge acquisition takes place, specifically in social environments such as LinkedIn or Slideshare, where exchange of knowledge or resources are among the key motivations for interaction


The ALEXANDRIA project (ERC Nr. 339233) aims to develop models, tools and techniques necessary to explore and analyze Web archives in a meaningful way


DESIR (project no. 731081) aims to enhance the usage and awareness of DARIAH and its services and tools within the humanities research community and contributing thus to the sustainability of digital research infrastructures in the humanities


Discovering Job Knowledge from Web Data

EU-MADE4LL - European Multimodal and Digital Education for Language Learning

Digital literacy and proficiency in English for international communication are essential requirements for graduates’ access to today’s European labor market

Interpreting Neural Rankers

Understanding decisions made by Deep Learned Models in Information Retrieval
(Amazon Research Grant)


Open Educational Resources (OERs) include educational materials, normally digital in nature, such as learning objects, open courseware, etc., freely available online with minimal or no restrictions

Managed Forgetting

Die heutige Informationsflut erschwert es immer mehr, sich auf die wirklich relevanten und wichtigen Dinge zu konzentrieren

Russian Flu

The project especially looks at the worldwide spread of the epidemic and the perception towards it in the US and Germany/Austria, facilitated by the close collaboration of researchers at Virginia Tech and the L3S funded by the NEH-DFG initiative on Digital Humanities


The interdisciplinary project SALIENT researches methods to detect learning intents and aims at improving retrieval performance accordingly during multimodal (learning-related) Web search.


This increasing wealth of data is a chance to disentangle social complexity and face the challenges of our world


The core objective of NoBIAS is to research and develop novel methods for AI-based decision making without bias. 


Bias and Discrimination in Big Data and Algorithmic Processing. Philosophical Assessments, Legal Dimensions, and Technical Solutions


Perceptions of the Other and the Orient in Modern Times