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The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing worldwide. Its potential is also becoming increasingly evident in terms of challenges in the healthcare sector. Therefore, it is extremely important to address the lack of digital skills in this field by training qualified healthcare professionals in the field of AI and computer scientists in the field of healthcare. With the xAIM project, we aim to address this problem by creating a new, online master’s program focused on the application of explainable artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Together with the University Pavia, Keele University, University of Ljubljana and Goethe University Frankfurt we are developing a new master’s degree program. The program will be offered by the University Pavia and aims to create an interdisciplinary environment where students are trained to work at the intersection of Data Science, AI and Healthcare. The xAIM master’s program has three main themes which are addressed in different courses: AI and Data Science, Healthcare and Management as well as Ethical and Legal Considerations. Students learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Data Science so that they can handle and analyse large, heterogeneous and complex datasets representative of the healthcare sector. Concepts from the healthcare sector are taught to further their understanding and to enable them to interpret the data and results. Throughout the program, there is a strong focus on the current state of the art and possible future AI applications in healthcare, as an important goal of the master's program is to provide practical knowledge and the ability to apply the skills acquired. To complete the curriculum, there will be a strong emphasis on ethical and social implications of AI applications. Students learn to identify and discuss consequences and risks of AI applications as well as to assess further steps and possible solutions to mitigate these. Through interactive seminars and internships, which can be done at the partner institutions throughout Europe, students are enabled to develop and assess Trustworthy AI solutions, as well as their potentials and limits and keep their implications on clinicians, patients and society in mind.