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Scientific excellence thrives on exchange with the best in the world. In the International Future Lab for Artificial Intelligence in Hannover excellent researchers from Australia (Melbourne, Perth, Sidney), New Zealand (Wellington), Singapore (ADSC, NTU), India (Kharagpur) and California (Stanford), as well as renowned colleagues from L3S (Leibniz University and Hannover Medical School) and European partner institutes will spend three years researching new topics in artificial intelligence and developing intelligent solutions for personalised medicine.


The Leibniz Future Lab, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will focus on state of the art research in artificial intelligence and also develop intelligent solutions for personalised medicine. Individual therapies, medication tailored to the individual patient and more precise diagnoses – this is what personalised medicine is supposed to achieve. This requires the processing and analysis of huge amounts of data.

The research of the future laboratory located at L3S focuses on new approaches and algorithms for intelligent, reliable and responsible systems. The interdisciplinary research team integrates a variety of approaches relevant for AI. Intelligence is enabled by knowledge graphs, deep learning, sensor fusion and scene interpretation, probabilistic methods and information extraction from the web. Reproducibility and robustness of the methods are as important as Privacy by Design. And finally, results of intelligent systems should be explainable, fair and attributable.

The Leibniz Future Lab will establish itself in Germany as one of the central contacts for artificial intelligence and its application in the field of personalised medicine. Together with national and international partners, the Future Laboratory will therefore conduct a large number of cooperative research and innovation projects with scientists from Leibniz University and Hannover Medical School