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The emergence of the (Linked) Open Data movements has led to an ever growing amount of Web data. LinkedUp will push forward the exploitation of open Web data particularly in the field of education, through a range of activities, for instance, the development of a curated data environment and a competition and evaluation framework which identifies innovative success stories of robust, Web-scale data and knowledge management applications in the educational sector.

The vision of the LinkedUp Challenge is to realise personalised university degree-level education of global impact based on open Web data and information. Drawing on the diversity of Web information relevant to education, ranging from Open Educational Resources metadata to the vast body of knowledge offered by the Linked Data approach, this aim requires overcoming substantial challenges related to Web-scale data and information management involving Big Data, such as performance and scalability, interoperability, multilinguality and heterogeneity problems, to offer personalised and accessible education services. Therefore, the LinkedUp Challenge provides a focused scenario to derive challenging requirements, evaluation criteria, benchmarks and thresholds which are reflected in the LinkedUp evaluation framework. Information management solutions have to apply data and learning analytics methods to provide highly personalised and context-aware views on heterogeneous Web data. 

Building on the strong alliance of institutions with expertise in areas such as open Web data management, data integration and Web-based education, key outcomes of LinkedUp include a general-purpose evaluation framework for Web-data driven applications, a set of quality-assured educational datasets, innovative applications of large-scale Web information management, community-building and clustering crossing public and private sectors and substantial technology transfer of highly innovative Web information management technologies.

Dr. Stefan Dietze
Dr. Stefan Dietze

Dr. Besnik Fetahu

Ivana Marenzi
Dr. Ivana Marenzi

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01.01.2012 - 01.11.2014
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Dr. Stefan Dietze