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In the future production laboratory, L3S is carrying out research and is developing methods of artificial intelligence that can significantly support industrial production.

The heterogeneous applications and further development of artificial intelligence methods is changing our society. The use of AI models has been already established in the areas of object and speech recognition. However, the increasingly complex AI models require a lot of energy and performance, which push conventional computer architectures to their limits. For this reason, the work is increasingly being carried out on the development of hardware specialized AI (e.g. GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs and TPUs). However, the development of both AI software and AI hardware requires specialists with the necessary know-how that is to be imparted by the HAISEM Lab.



The 1-2 day courses are taking place starting from February 2020. The courses offer a range from introductory courses (e.g. introduction to machine learning) to in-depth courses on topics in software engineering and special hardware for AI. Up to 15 people can take part in the courses. The project partners made 15 workstations with computers and special hardware (GPU, TPU, FPGA) available to the participants. Particular emphasis is put on the practical parts and the practical phases of the courses, so that the participants can apply and deepen their knowledge directly.



Around 60 people can take part in the one-day events. Experts from research and industry explain their experiences with the development of AI applications, software engineering of AI programs and special hardware for AI in the form of lectures.