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In the future production laboratory, the L3S is carrying out research and is developing methods of artificial intelligence to support industrial production.


The technological developments in information and communication technologies are currently leading to profound changes in industrial production. The competitive situation of manufacturing companies is characterized by growing dynamics, increasing process complexity and shortening product and innovation cycles. In addition, ecological and social questions play an increasing role.


The networking communication of technical systems in real time and the resulting merging of the real and virtual worlds are the essential features of this development. The interconnection of value-adding processes that becomes available within such systems offers new opportunities for increasing productivity and economy. Possible applications include adaptive and self-learning value creation systems, mass data-based forecasting systems based on digital twins or functionalities along the entire life cycle of products.


The central aspect is the presentation of an integrated digital process chain. Related topics include the networking of systems in production, the modeling of production processes and process chains as well as innovative approaches to their optimization.

Quelle: ZDIN