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With a rapidly increasing degree of integration among the European countries, a rising number of events and topics strongly impact the European community and the European digital economy across language and country borders. This development results in a vast amount of event-centric multilingual information available from different communities and heterogeneous sources. This information can differ across the sources with respect to its localisation, potentially reflecting specific community-relevant aspects, containing cultural references and opinions as well as possibly incomplete or biased data. The main research objective of the Cleopatra ITN is to enable effective and efficient analytics of event-centric multilingual information spread across heterogeneous sources to deliver analytics results in the way meaningful to the users, with a particular focus on the journalists, digital humanities researchers and memory institutions.

Dr. Elena Demidova
Dr. Elena Demidova

Ivana Marenzi
Dr. Ivana Marenzi

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Multilingual Data Analytics

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Dr. Elena Demidova