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 A platform for real-time multi-attribute space capture and multi-dimensional object positioning.


Artificial intelligence for the detectIon of trade-based money laundering


Online Course at about Automated Machine Learning





Building an analytics framework for precision microbiology to fight biofilm-associated infections






Bias and Discrimination in Big Data and Algorithmic Processing. Philosophical Assessments, Legal Dimensions, and Technical Solutions





Big Data for Cochlea Implants

Understanding Cochlear Implant Outcome Variability using Big Data and Machine Learning Approaches

BigMedilytics - Big Data for medical analytics

 Application of Big data technologies for supporting more efficient and effective healthcare systems


Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0




Platform for real-time vehicle data campaigns




A highly optimized hardware/software module library for intelligent sensor systems in highly automated driver assistance applications based on the reconfigurable Dream Chip Technologies DCT10A SoM platform




Cross-lingual Event-centric Open Analytics Research Academy







Cluster of Excellence 2092 „Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries (CASA)“

Research on effective and sustainable measures to achieve "Usable Security" in software development



Coding of Sequencing Data

New coding methods allow sequencing data to be streamed




Semantic data and AI analysis tools for the management of economic crises from the perspective of business, administration, politics, and research.



Creating Tractable Data Curation Workflows

Proposing of new data cleansing procedures by looking at previous procedures







CRiTERIA is a novel, comprehensive, and human-rights sensitive risk and vulnerability analysis framework based on multi-perspective, multi-source, multi-lingual technologies.





Cybercrime against Enterprises

Cybercrime Research focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises






Prediction of electric vehicle charging demand as business enabler






Data4UrbanMobility focuses on facilitating innovative mobility services and mobility-related infrastructure development in smart cities through comprehensive data analytics






Development of an intelligent claims settlement

using image recognition and plausibility checks for insurance companies