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L3S is a research center for basic and applied research in the field of digital transformation and data and web science. L3S researchers develop innovative methods and information technologies for intelligent, reliable and responsible systems that contribute to successful digital transformation and sustainable  innovation. Transfer of knowledge in economy, politics and society is a central component of L3S activities.


L3S focuses also on the effects of digital change in order to derive options for action, recommendations and innovation strategies for business, politics and society from the findings. Through research, development and consulting, the L3S and its partners contribute to the digital transformation, especially in the areas of mobility, health, production and education.


L3S is a joint institution of Leibniz Universität Hannover and Technische Universität Braunschweig with about 150 scientists from different disciplines at universities and a Leibniz Institute (the TIB). The current annual volume of third-party funding for the L3S is about 12 million euros. Lower Saxony provides the L3S with additional funding of about 2 million euros annually. L3S offers PhD students and senior researchers an attractive and innovation research environment (see also our successful L3S Mentoring Guidelines).