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Do you have a specific problem in the production process and don't know how to solve it? Perhaps the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can help, because AI offers enormous potential for productivity and efficiency increases, for example through predictive maintenance, predictive quality or quality assurance. In the AI concrete event, you can find out whether AI is the right solution strategy for your challenge and how AI can be used in your company.

Are you already in the process of implementing AI in your company, but are facing difficulties? In this case, our event will enable you to network with AI experts from practice and science to find new approaches to solutions.

The event follows a two-part structure to find the right solution together with you:

- The first part gives you an overview of the possibilities AI offers in production. Using the example of predictive quality, we will show you what a solution to a problem can look like in concrete terms.
- In the optional second part, we dedicate ourselves to your specific problem. As part of IIP-Ecosphere, you will have the opportunity to receive confidential and free advice from AI experts from our partner slashwhy (limited offer). During this discussion, we will also check with you whether other solutions offered by IIP-Ecosphere could be of interest to you. In this way, you can find out without obligation what potential your company has for the use of AI and thus for more efficiency and competitiveness.

The event is aimed at managing directors, technical managers and quality officers of larger medium-sized industrial companies with 200 or more employees who want to invest in innovative production processes in the near future or are already planning an AI project.

The agenda and registration can be found under the following link: 

Please register for the event via this link. We look forward to your participation.