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The Future Lab for Society and Work project of the ZDNI, led by the L3S, deals with the work-related consequences and effects of digitalisation. The primary focus is on issues relating to possibilities, concepts and requirements for the design of digital working environments, as well as the effects of artificial intelligence on organisational processes and the associated design of economic policy and regulation.

In this context, the project staff organised an expert talk livestream on the topic of (discursive) fairness in the workplace at this year's HMI (Hannover Messe).

Monty-Maximilian Zühlke, coordinator of the Future Laboratory for Society and Work, spoke with Prof. Dr Dietmar Hübner, head of the Institute of Philosophy at Leibniz Universität Hannover, and Dr Martin Kuhlmann, director of the Göttingen Sociological Research Institute, about algorithms that make decisions about people and how important it is that these decisions remain explainable.