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Hochleistungsserver am L3S

At L3S, the currently fastest high-performance computer for artificial intelligence (AI) goes into operation. The research centre is one of the first users in Europe to install the Nvidia DGX-A100. With five quadrillion computing operations per second, the new computer enables what is currently the fastest processing in the field of machine learning. Still, it consumes around 75 percent less power than its predecessor.

The new AI system will primarily benefit the IIP-Ecosphere project. The AI ecosystem for intelligent production is currently being developed by an interdisciplinary consortium of science and industry led by L3S and the Institute of Manufacturing Engineering and Machine Tools at Leibniz University of Hanover. The aim is to accelerate and optimise the use of AI in production. The models of machine learning - especially deep learning - require pervasive data sets, correspondingly large memory, and numerous graphics processors with a high-speed connection between them. With a total GPU memory of 320 gigabytes and a bandwidth of 12.4 terabytes per second, the new server at L3S offers AI performance of five petaFLOPS, i.e., five quadrillion computing operations per second, as well as the latest high-speed connections.

At the beginning of the year, L3S already received a new GPU-supported server with a total memory of half a terabyte and the necessary performance to enable faster training of the current AI models. With the DGX-A100, the L3S doubles its AI performance, making it well prepared for the exponentially growing size of AI models and data.

Companies can also benefit directly from the new high-performance server on the L3S. In the IIP-Ecosphere project, the system will be integrated into an experimental field for intelligent production. In addition to the project partners, smaller companies can then use the L3S to test AI approaches without investing directly in the infrastructure.

With the new system, the L3S also offers its scientists excellent working conditions and increases its international competitiveness in the field of AI research. At L3S, students and doctoral candidates are optimally prepared for their future field of activity.